Saturday was a very busy day for us the youngest had a recital and most of you know this is the first time Jody has seen any of his kids perform (well he saw Eden cheer a couple of times) but had never had to witness me turn into stage mom in all my stressed out glory. Prison took not only alot of his time but took alot of time away from the kids. Thats another blog post though (if you are interested in reading the blog I did while he was in prison go here).

Anyway I have known my husband pretty much all my life we met when we were 13 and I had an instant crush on him…so our relationship and my love has went through several different changes. And has grown and changed, never lessened. It may not be as passionate or chaotic as it has been. We are older and more mature, and in turn more comfortable, he has seen me at my best and my worst…but before I get to carried away.

I was freaking out which was causing Lily to freak out about her make up, when I got voted out of the mascara, then got booted from make up duty for a mommy time out….It gave me the opportunity to watch the bond between my husband and our youngest grow as she trusted him near her eye more than me….and made me realize that middle aged, parenting life can still be sexy and that when I thought my love for this man couldn’t get any deeper it just did