Date Night

You will read in a lot of advice columns that date night is important, and I agree couples need some time to themselves and time to chill. What do you guys do on your date nights?

Heres an example of most of ours date nights. We don’t really go out, we have to take our budget into consideration.

So me and my husband ¬†have the opportunity for a date night. He got off work before midnight and due to Dr excuse I am off work this entire weekend (ugh labyrinthitis). The kids are at Nanny and Pa-paw’s (my parents)….and what do we spend it doing.

I spend it Facebook stalking the people with kids old enough to go to prom, like our oldest, but she chose not to so and taking dumb Facebook ¬†quizzes. Jody is playing Final Fantasy X 12 or 13…ah 13 I had to check.

Later we will probably finish the second season of Dexter. (I hope so he can catch up with me)

Yep we are getting old. But there is no one I would rather grow old with.