Intro Post

So just a quick intro, I actually ran a blog in the past about being married to someone in prison and it quickly turned into a facebook support group. But now with my husband finally home after 8 long years, I thought I would start a new family / lifestyle blog up. Mostly so our extended family’s can keep up with us. But also as a form of entertainment for me.

So quick background me and Jody are almost at 9 years of marriage, but met when we were 13 and had our first daughter when we were 18. We have two wonderful girls, Eden 17 and Lily 8. He did do a long prison sentence but is doing great since being released. We have 2 cats (noodle and black cat) a hamster (gussy) and we get to get our puppy Monday (Dexter). We both work outside the home, but I’m wanting to transition eventually to work at home.

The basic overall plan for my blog family updates (including our furry babies), rants and ramblings, work at home things, probably coupons and money saving tips eventually. I want to atleast update 4 times a week, until I complete my transition and then it will be daily.