Birthday Gifts and Anniversary Gifts

So many people think having a wedding band is important. To be honest I’ve went through 3 bands since we finally got married almost 9 years ago (July). Usually I lose them at work when my hands sweat and I take off rubber gloves I don’t notice that it is gone till the trash is taken out and sorry not sorry I’m not dumpster diving in a fast food restaurant…And my husband has swelling problems in his hands.

So when an article popped up on Facebook about couples tattoos I fell in love with the idea of wedding band tatt’s…Years ago we wanted to do but a shop refused then he went to prison…So after saving up the money, we got them done and since his birthday is Saturday and mine is in June, our anniversary follows in July we did a combination gift.

It took maybe 20 minutes for both and no it didn’t really hurt to bad and I”m in love with our new set and don’t have to worry about loosing it.